Michał Piórkowski

Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics
Philip Morris International

Michał brings over 20 years of experience at the nexus of engineering, data science, and advanced analytics. Currently serving as the Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics at Philip Morris International, Michał leads various initiatives, leveraging latest technological achievements, including Generative AI, that emphasize consumer-centricity, using data & analytics to inform business decisions and enhance operational efficiency.

His tenure at PMI has been marked by cross-functional, collaborative efforts, resulting in establishment of a comprehensive Data Platform as a Service – a one-stop-shop for data & analytics, currently in delivery to 60+ affiliates.

He has a unique blend of academic rigor and business acumen, as he holds Ph.D. in Communication & Computer Sciences from EPFL and an Executive MBA from IMD. This duality has been instrumental in his roles at Yahoo! and Swisscom, where he championed innovative data solutions, and at Bmob-Park, a startup he co-founded, which was later acquired.

Beyond his corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors, Michał values continuous learning and sharing knowledge and is a trusted advisor, having collaborated with leaders across industries from insurance through pharma to technology companies.